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William Baker and Z. Gordon Davidson offer a comprehensive package for consulting, review and assessment of golf courses and their facilities, brokerage and appraisal services to the golf property industry and non-golf entities involved with golf properties. Property types include stand-alone private and public golf courses, master planned residential golf communities and resorts. Our golf course consulting services functions on a local and national level.

There are many competitors who do only consulting, only brokerage, or only appraisal but there are few in the marketplace that can provide all successfully. We provide a depth unsurpassable by any competition and the clients’ interest is our primary focus. Our uncompromising determination is to exceed the clients’ expectation.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to our client that will provide the maximum quality. While our company is diversified in several disciplines and can provide a wide variety of expertise and service. We would rather be the best and most prized company than the largest. We want to be big enough to accomplish our clients’ project, yet small enough to deliver the loyalty and intimacy that creates success. We highly value the confidential information entrusted to our company and protect this carefully and thoughtfully.