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Additional Services

Additional Services Provided 

Park Assessment ConsultantPark Assessment

William Baker will assess the level of maintenance and resulting quality of all park sites in the jurisdiction.  A primary focus of the assessment is a review of environmental and safety concerns as voiced by the client, as well as those that are uncovered during the site reviews.  Park operational assessments will determine the return on investment from the perspective of both park utilization and user experience.  Mr. Baker also has the expertise to advise parks departments on the development of Demonstration Gardens and Botanical Gardens.

Tree Assessment

William Baker will conduct a review of community trees.  This assessment can include tree preservation programs for historic trees and those impacted by development activities.  Further included in the menu of services for tree management for cities and large community associations is the development of a tree inventory and a comprehensive tree management plan.  Mr. Baker additionally provides on-call arborist services, contracted arborists, and expert witness services for tree liability cases.

Park Assessment ConsultantUrban Forestry

Tree Management Programs

Recommendations are developed for tree selection, tree planting, and tree maintenance. Pruning specifications that conform to ISA standards are written for specific projects.

Tree Inventory

Mr. Baker provides tree inventories that include tree attributes and health assessment. Tree tagging and mapping methods can be matched to the needs of the client.

Tree Protection & Preservation Programs

Mr. Baker develops tree protection guidelines based on an assessment of risk from construction or other encroachments.

Park Assessment ConsultantContracted Certified Arborists

Mr. Baker provides Certified Arborists on a contract or interim basis to cities, park districts, and private facilities.

Urban & Community Forestry Master Plans

Mr. Baker assesses tree populations – including tree age, health and functionally, as well as the diversity of trees species on the property.

Water Management

William Baker offers a full range of services in the water management arena.  He will conduct irrigation audits and develop monthly irrigation schedules.  His water management programs will lead the client to improved system-wide irrigation efficiency and help establish a notable record for water conservation.  He will assist the client in reaching compliance with all applicable irrigation laws and regulations.  The program includes setting up measuring and monitor procedures for irrigation water quality and other factors that impact the condition of the landscape.

Park Assessment ConsultantBelow is a partial list of other client properties:

City of Bellevue Washington, Assessment of 58 park sites
Lake Forest Homeowners Association I Tree and Landscape Assessment (1,800 homes)
Lake Forest Homeowners Association II Tree and Landscape Assessment  (3,436 homes)
Nelligale Ranch – Landscape Review
Capitol Park –  Landscape Assessment and Training Program
Capitol Park –  Assessment and Training Program
Borrego Springs Resort – Golf Course Assessment
California Baptist University – Tree and Landscape Assessment
Disney Studios – Tree Assessment Program
City of La Verne – Sports Fields Assessment and Management Program
City of Newport Beach – Soil and Water Assessment for Sports Parks Development
City of Murrieta – Tree Management Plan and Training Program
Dos Lagos Development, Corona – Environmental Review
Laguna Woods Village – Landscape Assessment
San Diego Gas & Electric – Fire Damage Assessment – Trees and Irrigation